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Check and Change Motorcycle Oil to Avoid Engine Rebuild

Double Cream is great on chocolate cake but, when dropping the oil out, this not what you want to see! Here are some photos of a Bike that came in to us at MK1 Motorcycles for a general check over and oil filter change.
This is often caused by three things.
1/ water pump seal failure, If this happens the water can bypass the water seal and the water can enter the engine, causing the water to look like double cream…NOT GOOD, water in the oil is bad, bad, news
2/ deep water crossings. If you do a deep water crossing (too deep) the water can enter the engine via the crankcase breather, causing the same problem. Deep water crossings can cause other problems, This we will cover at another time.
3/ Blown head gasket/ cracked water jacket. Often due to overheating, which can cause the above once again.

The remedy is to confirm the problem, and repair.
Once this is done a few oil flushes are required until the oil is clear and clean again….Not cheap, but cheaper than an engine rebuild, if and only if you catch it in time, so the motto is, check your oil regularly, and change regularly.

One last thing (you can often see this problem on larger road bikes), check the dip stick, filler cap, or even level window (if your bike has one). If there is a creamy build-up, you need to take action. Don’t worry though, there is an easy fix.
This is caused by too short journeys, where the bike cannot get up to its correct working temp. This causes condensation build-up on the inside of the crankcases (condensation is water people!) NOT GOOD if in your oil, it cannot be compressed, and is harder than steel. It is also corrosive, so the fix, change your oil and only give the bike good long runs, if not possible, change your oil more frequently.