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A Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) is a legal document that proves your motorcycle’s safety and fitness to be driven on public roads. It is crucial to ensure that your motorcycle is roadworthy not only to be legally compliant but also for your safety and the safety of others on Victorian Roads.

It is important to know that in  Melbourne, only a VIC Roads licensed tester, like MK1, can provide a RWC. Our Road Worthy Certificate verifies that your motorcycle has met specific official standards of safety and compliance set by the relevant authorities and  is in drivable condition.

Our goal is to ensure that your motorbike is in a safe, legal, and roadworthy condition, providing you with absolute peace of mind.

You can trust our experienced team to meticulously assess your bike, ensuring it meets all the criteria for a roadworthy or safety certificate.

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How much does a motorcycle roadworthy cost?Motorcycle RWC at MK1 are $220, which includes any required retesting, provided any repair work is done by our mechanics.

What is involved in a Motorcycle Roadworthy at MK1 Motorcycles?

In order to ensure that our qualified motorcycle inspectors cover a complete and comprehensive inspection, we follow a checklist of nearly all aspects of motorcycle safety. 



  • Starting and stopping the engine.
  • Turning on the turn signals, brake lights, and headlights.
  • Switching between low and high beams.
  • Examining the steering, head stem, and bearings.
  • Checking the wheel bearings
  • Inspecting the chain and sprockets
  • Confirming the exhaust complies with regulations.
  • Checking tyre pressure and ensuring that there are no rips, tears, or cracks in the sidewalls.
  • Ensuring that the seat, handgrips, and mirrors are all functioning properly.
  • Conducting an overall safety check of the motorcycle.
  • Other safety-related items on the body, chassis or engine
Motorcycle Roadworthy Safety
Motorbike Roadworthy

Does a Roadworthy Certificate guarantee that the bike I am purchasing is in perfect condition?

Whilst it is ideal to purchase a second-hand bike with its RWC, It is important to note that a Roadworthy Certificate does not guarantee that the vehicle is in perfect condition without any wear or deterioration.  Furthermore, it does not check the operation of non-safety-related accessories. 

How long does a Roadworthy Take?

  • The inspection typically takes around 1.5 hours, during which our specialists assess each component, specifically looking for any signs of wear, damage, or non-compliance with safety standards.

Frequently Asked Questions RWC

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How Much is a Motorcycle Roadworthy Certificate in Melbourne?
  • $220, which includes a thorough safety check over of your Bike, digital records and your certificate
Can I sell my Motorbike without a RWC?
  • You can sell a Registered Motorcycle without a Roadworthy Certificate in Victoria.
  • Importantly though the new owner must have a Roadworthy completed within 14 days of ownership.
  • In Melbourne it is usually best practice to ensure a vehicle has a RWC before selling.
What happens if my Motorcycle Fails its Roadworthy (RWC)
  • If your Motorcycle Fails its Roadworthy you will receive a detailed report of any items needing repair or replacement.  You have 14 days to have these repairs completed. 
  • Our team will be in immediate contact to confirm this.
  • We save space in our diary to complete minor repairs (with your permission) while the bike is on the bench. 
  • As a result, we aim to get your vehicle back to you as quickly as possible. 
  • More extensive repairs will be quoted.
Can I repair the RWC Fail List Myself?
  • Yes, you can.  
  • It is important to note that our motorcycle mechanics must do a full re-inspection when you return the vehicle.  This ensures that it is still in Roadworthy Condition and that the repairs are complete.
  • Consequently, we charge a small 15-minute re-inspection fee to complete this, update the digital records and issue the PASS.
Do I have to have Stock Pipes on My Bike to get a Roadworthy?
  • Yes in order to be in full compliance with Vic Roads legal requirements your Motorcycle must have OEM exhaust Pipes fitted at the time of inspection. 
Do Dirt Bikes need a Roadworthy?
  • Only if you need the motorbike fully registered, then yes, you will need a roadworthy.
  • A Dirt Bike needs to be fully registered if you wish to ride on public roads.
How long does a Motorcycle Roadworthy Certificate Last For in Victoria?
  • In Melbourne, Victoria, a Motorcycle Roadworthy Certificate remains valid for 30 days from the date it is issued.
Do I need a Roadworthy to get a Recreational Registration?
  • It is not necessary to get a roadworthy for Recreational Registration. 
  • No registration is needed for private land. 
Which Motorbikes do not need a RWC in Victoria
  • The VIC ROADS website lists vehicles which are exempt.  
  • See Here
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How Much is a Motorcycle Roadworthy Certificate in Melbourne?